“Permanent Funeral” Reviews

Godamn rotten month of June; I’m not one of those goths who like the rain, no, I like the coolness and the darkness … The darkness at Noon precisely, but we will get back to it…
In short, here is Virgin in Veil’s third album; if you’re new to the genre, here is a solid example of what the contemporary European deathrock is, so go for the buy, or buy the previous one or the one before… Take them all, it will be simpler and you will more easily get my point… Because every record of the band has become a kind of treasure hunt with fans.
Those know that the musicians indeed like to experiment by little touches every time and to try new things without denying their distinctive sound and style. First observation, the band recorded two instrumentals, echoing each other, one being the album intro: dark bass, ghostly, “floating in the night” voices, glaucous synths, relentless beat… Surprise, ‘Permanent Funeral’ does not bathe in frank happiness… Perhaps, it is even the darkest release of the quartet. Indeed, if ‘Shattered glass’ is in the typical punky deathrock Virgin in Veil style, ‘Serpents’ and ‘Ventriloquist’ in a similar vein, two great songs, reveals the melodic potential of the band as never before. The vocals sound sadder, as for the general feeling, it is more oppressive and dark. What’s more, Jacques Saph accepts more and more easily to make his songs last longer (not often beyond three minutes, do not mess around either) to the delight of the listener who benefits only more intensely. Too bad he did not apply this maxim to the splendid ‘Darkness at noon’ whose keyboard theme haunts me for hours after each listening. Here is a song that I could have enjoyed two minutes more (let’s be happy, it almost never see the light of day). The rest of the album is the same vein, those slower tempos option suits very well to the compositions that are all excellent (’78 nightmares’, ‘Still life’ and its final almost two minutes downright dark ambient, ‘Self destruction’).
In my opinion, the band signs its best record to date, pushing all the elements to the maximum of their quality (the drummer goes for broke, the support of the chilling keyboards is perfect, the bass slap, the riffs kill and Jacques sings better than ever). Honestly, it’s not what I thought during the first listen but I changed my mind from the third. ‘Hello darkness my old friend’, sang Simon and Garfunkel, a friend for life!

Guts of Darkness – June 2019

On their third album, the Finnish Deathrockers remain faithful to their style and play a minimalist old-school Deathrock with catchy melodies, a driving rhythm section and cool synth pads; the whole thing paired with a good portion of punk. As if the Ramones had locked up with Christian Death in a dark cellar and held a jam session. In addition, there are dark texts about psychic abysses and the associated negative thoughts. A musical stress hormone with all its (side) effects.

After an atmospheric intro, the four musicians set off and maintain a tempo that mashes the snotty rudeness into the ear canals. In addition to the driving, energetic pieces, there are even a few spherical tonalities with “serpents”. The guitars saw here in the middle tempo range. It follows the ambiguous “Kiss / Kill”, whose gallant rhythm even sounds a little bit seductive, while the vocals angrily penetrate into the scenery and the guitars shuddering suppress the synths, but in the end remains a catchy melody, whose wicked elegance in their playfulness one leaves a lasting impression. “Darkness at Noon” seems to celebrate the romantic transfiguration of the moon at the beginning, so you start immediately after the short, introductory tones, uncompromising and unrestrained.

Conclusion: VIRGIN IN VEIL once again deliver an unbridled, breathless Deathrock, but this year they are hiding a few hidden tempo changes and the melancholy
(text, melody) is also fragmented.

PS: A clear political commitment (“eat pussy, not animals” / banner against Nazis) on their homepage also makes the band likable. (Andreas)
Amboss Mag – May 2019

Finnish deathrockers Virgin in Veil released their new album some days ago, on April 26th. The title of the album is “Permanent Funeral”.

“Permanent Funeral” is the third full-length album from Virgin in Veil, released from Danse Macabre Records. According to the band, in the songs of the “Permanent Funeral” they are experimenting with slower tempos. What I can say, is that there are some really good horror, deathrock tunes in this album and deathrock, horror punk fans will love this album.

“Permanent Funeral” includes 10 songs, all reminding deathrock roots with the horror and some haunting mood and feelings to rise as the album moves on. Punk, horror guitar riffs along with haunting vocals from Jacques Saph.

From the punk-influenced “Shattered Glass” and “Darkness at Noon” ta the darkness of “Serpents” and the gothic, horror mood of “Self-Destruction” all the songs of “Permanent Funeral” are absolutely into the deathrock attitude of the band. One of my favorites is “78 Nightmares” with a haunting intro and death punk elements following. A really good deathrock album by Virgin in Veil.

The sound of Virgin In Veil has influences from the horror-punk, deathrock bands of the ’80s, however it has their own unique additions and style. It will definitely remind you of Specimen, 45 Graves, Alien Sex Fiend and of course it will bring memories of the legendary Christian Death of the Rozz Williams era.

Virgin In Veil is a four-member band consisting of Jacques Saph (Vocals/Bass), Suzi Sabotage (Keyboard/Backing Vocals), William Freyermuth (Drums), Veikko Jokelainen (Guitar) and they have already released two more full length albums in Danse Macabre Records, the debut album “Deviances” in 2016 and their sophomore album “Twisted Thrills” in 2017.
ElektroSpank – May 2019

“Twisted Thrills” Reviews

Backcomb the mohawks, shred your tights, there is input for the next Gothic-Pogo-Party: The pacy Deathrock by the Finnish group Virgin in Veil immerses the listener into the shady light of decadent debaucheries, sexual excesses, and the rude awakening in the next morning; melting together into some paranoid artistic synthesis.

Singer Jacques Saph hastens his french accent through ten songs, whereof only the ghostly “Memories” will give you time to recover your breath. Aligned with whipping guitars and badgering drums, Saph describes the pleasures derived from a cat-o-nine-tails, the sinful temptations of the night, the abuse of one’s own body and the subsequent regrets.

It seems like Virgin in Veil became more daring with their songwriting than on their debut album, which they seamlessly matured. An impressive mixture of Oldschool-Deathrock and complex punk where you seem to smell the scent of hairspray passing by.
Sonic Seducer – January 2018

Background/Info: They claim to compose death-rock music and are now back on track unleashing their second full length. Finnish formation Virgin In Veil gained some recognition with the debut full length “Deviances” (2016), which brought them to play at several places in the world and some noticeable festivals.

Content: “Twisted Thrills” features 10 songs for only 24 minutes! The songs are short and dynamic. Driven by a speed cadence, some parts of the work remind me of Killing Joke, but you also will notice punk elements. The deep resonating bass play has this late 80s spirit. The guitar brings this work to a higher dimension while the synth parts add the final touch.

+ + + : Virgin In Veil is not what I would call an 80s copyist, but they bring the magic of the new-wave and post-punk alive with power and a very personal touch on top. That’s probably what they call ‘death-rock’. I like the rawness of the production, but also the dark sphere supporting the songs. The guitar playing is one of the band’s main strengths.

– – – : The tracks are pretty similar and especially very short. I don’t have anything against short tracks, but it doesn’t leave that space to elaborate the production and that’s a pity.

Conclusion: Virgin In Veil makes me think to a steamroller; fast, powerful and merciless! So you know there’s nothing that can stop this sonic ogre, which doesn’t mean that I enjoyed the entire album.
Side – February 2018

Many Virgin in Veil tracks make me think of a wild horse which have been restrained for too long… Once the doors of the enclosure are open, he’ll be running towards the horizon. No frills, everything here stands in simplicity and efficiency, an influence inherited from punk. This new album includes several songs that will trigger this type of energy in the listener’s mind (the excellent ‘Of tears and poison’, ‘Lovers of sin’ or ‘Bedroom eyes’).

‘Twisted thrills’ is also a revival album (which will shut the mouths of those who accused the band of writing always in the same way), the most extraordinary example being ‘Memories’ built on a jazzy rhythmic groove on which unhealthy piano sounds seem to drag us into a downward spiral. But that’s not all, let’s also mention the very good ‘Shattered dream’ whose chorus duet with Suzi is beautifully taking, as well as ‘Torments’ hitting hard with particularly neat drum parts.

While confirming its identity, the band broadens the contours, offering a modern deathrock sound mingled with punk spirit as well as a form of post-romantic decadence with incisive lines. All in just three years and a bunch of gigs … Hats off!
Guts of – November 2017

“Deviances” Reviews

Virgin In Veil is a Finnish deathrock band featuring Jacques and Suzi Sabotage of Masquerade. Their Deviances album was released in October 2016, and they subsequently toured Europe to promote it (check out my interview with them about the tour). Now I’m reviewing the album itself, which I recently received on CD.

The introduction, “Live Like Suicide”, is the only track on the album that was not previously released by the band in 2015, which makes it their newest song. It opens with a spooky guitar hook in the vein of mid-00’s deathrock revival that evolves beautifully after the first verse. Lyrically, the song is an intense, passionate one with an important message, so it really makes a fantastic opener for Deviances.

The next four tracks are a re-release of The Glory Hole EP that was released in November 2015. “Lovestains” is one of my personal favorites, about a couple in love and on the run. “Sexual Sin” is next, and it felt like the focal point for Glory Hole. It points out the hypocrisy behind religions demonizing sex while condoning violence. “Decay” has the least to offer lyrically, but it has one of the best guitar riffs on the whole album and encapsulates their sound well. That being said, the fifth track, “Seduction,” is the one that gets stuck in my head most often and it’s probably the one I would choose if I could only show somebody one song on Deviances. It’s very lust-filled with punk vibes.

The rest of the album is a re-release of their original demo released back in March 2015. “In The Name Of God” points out the hypocrisy of religion, boasting a truly badass deathrock guitar riff. “Drown In Flesh” is a passionate love song about intimacy. My personal favorite of these final tracks is the very last one, “Heartthrobs.” It has the best intro and a fantastic guitar hook, not to mention some great backup vocals from Suzi. My favorite lyrics are “Worst case scenarios intrude / Neurosis plagues this mood.” – January 2017

Virgin In Veil are a Finnish deathrock band formed in 2015. The band quickly got recognized for the peculiar sound and their eye-catching appearance. They offer you a pure deathrock sound and vibe. After the release of the The Glory Hole EP, the band started playing numerous gigs in Europe, Russia, USA and Mexico. They were ready for their debut album which was released by Danse Macabre.

vivDeviances consists of eight tracks which focus on the recognizable but almost extinct deathrock sound. Tracks have a “blitzkrieg” impact on the listener. They punch you with a heavy punkish raw energy and leave you wanting for more. The tracks exchange swiftly, never once slowing down or putting the deathrock fire out. In the time of clone-like bands, this band surely chose to stand out, not trading their unique expression for commercial success. From the first track “Live Like Suicide” they show merciless energy combined with a melodic and atmospheric refrain. A recognizable guitar leads the listener through “Lovestains”. Jacques performs in an almost speaking or shouting manner with a lot of attitude. The overall sound can be described as harsh and dark, direct and to the point. The tracks are limited to some two minutes only. However, the message is delivered. Another brilliant track awaits you on the second half of this deathrock voyage. It is called “Seduction”. The band released the accompanying video for the track. “In The Name Of God” is a perfect example of everything the deathrock subculture should stand for. Once more, a perfect combination of power, relentlessness and no compromise. They keep the tempo all the way to the last track “Heartthrobs”. The songs are characterised by the repetitive rhythm and usually simple guitar chords that put an emphasis on the lead vocalist, relying on him to complete the “in your face” idea. Luckily, we got to hear this genre again in 2016 and we wish the band a long stay on the almost forgotten deathrock scene. – December 2016

The aesthetically pleasing Finnish band Virgin in Veil—dressed in their stylishly backcombed coifs and fishnet ensembles—released their LP Deviances, an example of how deathrock should be dramatic both visually and aurally. – December 2016

This Finnish (Helsinki) Deathrock group around Jacques Saph (once from Sleeping Children and still active in Secular Plaque and Masquerade) haunts the virtual living room of many Deathrockers for a while now. The social network zeal of frontman Jacques Saph might have something to do with that.

Deathrock? You know, the originally American variant on the Gothrock and Batcave happenings in Europe with a sound and mentality that’s still firmly entrenched in Punk (‘eat pussy, not animals’). Textbook example; Christian Death. A group that also influenced this Virgin In Veil I think.

Razor sharp guitars, rhythmic often hollow rhythm sections and a somewhat convulsing vocals. It bursts loose with “Deviances” as soon as you insert the CD. Brief but powerful. Very short in fact, cause although we call this an album, the 8 presented tracks together only get us just above a total of 18 minutes. As educated mathematician you immediately know that the run time of each separate song doesn’t reach 2.30 minutes.

That’s called Punk. Uptempo, pulled tight, existential and nagging. Mohawks included too. Stylish Punk. Pure Deathrock. No compromises. Lovers of the genre again have something to look forward to. Dark Entries was informed that the band will perform live at Wave Gotik Treffen 2017. Go check it out. – December 2016

In its short existence, this Finnish deathrock band has rejoiced us with a demo (Virgin in Veil, early 2015) and an EP (Glory Hole, end of 2015). Now there is Deviances and this is nothing more or less than a compilation. In addition, we hear the new track Live Like Suicide that contains a lovely ringing and crunching guitar riff and a nice short bridge. Just two minutes later the track ends. Just perfect. You hear the evolution in the songwriting since 2015. For the rest, we hear Love Stains, Sexual Sin, Decay and Seduction, four songs from Glory Hole. A strong quartet. The album ends with the three tracks from the demo which sound fresh, raw and straightforward.

In case you don’t know this band, we recommend Deviances as an excellent introduction. When you love batcave, punk or death rock, you should definitely listen to this material. Want to see the band live? Paris is the place to be.

Available on CD and MP3.
Peek A Boo Magazine – December 2016

Listen to music on the way to work isn’t what I would call it a privileged moment, but it is necessary, if only to support the idea of ​getting up so absurdly early. That is to say the importance of the selected listening. This morning I was on a fresh purchase but it was not the right time, I needed a different thing. Rather something in the vein of Virgin in Veil which precisely has just released its first CD. A sign? Early fans have seen the outline of the project to be defined, the sound expanding and getting clearer; The newcomers will enter directly through the large door. Nothing superfluous, we go to the attack, in a punk spirit with this drummer and his game at 100 per hour that raises the sap of a sudden, soon joined by a round bass and guitar chords in a pure deathrock tradition. Female choruses, and a touch of keyboard to discreetly enrich the whole of a cold note; songs hooks you up immediately, the energy is injected all at once… While Europe seems to swear only by cold wave nowadays, Saph and his band remind us that the dead go fast. Seven songs from the demo and the e.p. with a new track, ‘Live like suicide’, here is some orgasmic deathrock that starts with the foot on the accelerator and doesn’t slow down for a moment, takes us in a whirlwind of emotions and energy, without a dead time.
A music and an ethic that reminds that, yes, darkness is a daughter of punk too.
Guts of – November 2016

If the Danse Macabre has over twenty years one of the top of the dark-wave scene labels is also about the taste of Bruno Kramm, who knows how to recognize the high potential groups.

One of the latest arrivals on the label are the Finns in Virgin Veil, which I believe is bidding to be one of the leading groups of death rock, heirs of energy and anguished rage of Christian Death of the late Rozz Williams.

The album consists of 8 pieces that mix the syncopated rhythm of punk with atmospheres and darker, gothic subjects.

“Live like suicide” is an anthem than two minutes full of energy and macabre fascinations: the text has an existentialist vein and sees the union of two people living at the limit the only way out of a life devoid of meaning.

“Lovestains” is close to the same theme: two people consumed by love beyond the rest of the world … and that will not leave anything to those who seek them. The music is still fast, furious, like the rhythm of a relentless drain.

“Sexual sin” is a piece that draws its inspiration, both rhythmic textual, in the ideals of punk (and perhaps this is why the Virgin in Veil chose for their Italian tour community centers rather than local goth with fashionable evenings). The piece is the hypocrisy that censorship sex but allows continuous “atrocity exhibition” Death and other horrors, which have become normal in television.

“Decay” passes from death to hard-rock riffs into pure hardcore style and speaks of decadence, that the outside also can corrupt our lives, our spirit and then even the deviations, extreme gestures are nothing more than reactions as the mirror of truth that reveals to the world its horrors.

“Seduction” another syncopated piece that hides a trick: it has a text that seems to love, a sentiment that seems a lifeline, a reason to live … but at the end instead of a name is evoked cocaine as Goddess to worship.

“In the name of God” is an angry song against religious hypocrisy in the name of spreading hatred towards all different, the typical attitude of all the bigots who think they are perfect.

“Drown in the flesh” is another piece that mixes the fervor of punk to that of the feelings, the frenzy of desire for a relationship that is union of bodies, pleasure, and probably the only reason for living.

“Heartthrobs” is a frantic anthem in the best style “live fast die young”, with the understanding, perhaps the prescience of a future death and inevitable fund for all mankind, even those who try to forget between the ephemeral satisfactions materialism.

Finally, intensive work, energetic and emotionally engaging, with perhaps the only flaw of being a bit ‘short, but definitely worthy of figuring head-up alongside the best works of the genre. Fayer aka Natalie C – October 2016

A look at the band picture on the cover of their current album “Deviances” is enough to know what to expect here. Deathrock is on the program and manifests itself in eight tracks on the debut album of the Finns.

A certain uniformity is not to be attributed to the combination of Gothic Spirit and (Dark) Punk, so the individual eight pieces on “Deviances” often look like a single long track.
Intentionally, Virgin in Veil neither change the atmosphere nor the tempo of their songs very often. It is true that ingredients such as short samples always make for an independent note among the tracks, but all in all, the elements used are only rarely varied. The punk and the often danceable, but always catchy melodies are, however, that make up for this shortcoming. Although Virgin in Veil could have made their tracks more differentiated, the dynamics of the songs are taken, while the sustained tempo and the audible joy of the game keep the listener on the ball.

Also vocally, singer Jacques Saph moves within the genre framework and is supported by the backing vocals of his bandmate Suzi Sabotage. Their vocals have a lot of presence, but most of the time they are very quietly placed in the background, providing more density or additional “shouts”. The result is a lively duet phase, like in the opener “Live Like Suicide”, using the two voices.

The lead vocals are certainly not what you would unconditionally call “beautiful” vocals, but matching the well-groomed monotonous guitars and the cool synths, it is just the right cast that a band like Virgin in Veil can wish for, and that the listeners would also expect from their Deathrock interpretation.

Contrary to the fact that many are suspected, Virgin in Veil definitely doesn’t represent a living cliché. They also do not make music that wants to be commercially successful or to follow a fashionable trend. Here, everything is still quite authentic, and this also reflects their music excellently. From rigid songwriting to old-school production, a consistent and coherent picture emerges that should appeal to all friends of the genre. – October 2016

“The Glory Hole” Reviews

If you don’t know what a Glory Hole is, I recommend to google and you will understand. It is also the title of the new EP by the Finnish band Virgin in Veil. In 2015, we got a demo with three songs and now an EP with four tracks has been released. And again we get an album with an explicit sexual photo on the cover. The titles of the songs are very sexually inspired too: Lovestains, Sexual Sin, Decay and Seduction.

Musically, we can situate the music somewhere between death rock, gothic rock and batcave, played with a punk attitude. Short songs that last no longer than two minutes. Musically, it sounds a bit like the demo, but the vocals are better and the same goes for the production and the team play. Lovestains is uptempo and floats on a gothic/wave guitar riff. The same goes for Sexual Sin, that contains a nice little bridge while the synths determine the atmosphere. A strong track. Decay does remind me a bit of The Whispers in the Shadows during the Arms in Chaos period: vocals, guitar and drums. A fine song. Seduction sounds rather as a post-punk track.

Virgin in Veil was founded in January 2015 and on this EP, the band shows its own style with upbeat songs that will surely convince the fans of death rock, gothic rock… A fulll album next time and some gigs around here?

On vinyl through Fairy Dust Records or as a download on bandcamp.
Peek-A-Boo Magazine – June 2016

In business since 2015, and immediately in the good graces of International deathrock, Virgin In Veil debuts this same year with this The Glory Hole EP, initially self-produced and released just two months after the founding of the band, and now reissued on vinyl 7 ” limited edition of 250 copies by Finnish label Fairy Dust Records.
Cultivating a large following in a very short time through several tours in various countries (Russia, Mexico, Europe, USA), the Finnish quartet consisting of Jacques Saph on vocals and bass, Suzi Sabotage on keyboards and vocals, Anton Välimaa on guitar and William Freyermuth on drums pack up a very rapid and concise record of just eight minutes, which instantly reveals a classical deathrock matrix made of swirling guitars, fast rhythm and explicit vocals; as well as a very representative cover of a “homosexual orgy from yesterday” without any kind of censorship.
A debut of four tracks is perhaps not the best to judge a full band, but in the case of Virgin In Veil, it shows that with the right attitude on stage and a remarkable mastery of their musical genre you may be able to convince and attract even with a short, but explicit, work as this. – May 2016

From Helsinki, Finland, with driving deathrock and perverted incantations, here you have Virgin In Veil briefly introduced. A slightly longer introduction will tell that Virgin In Veil was created in January 2015 as a true child of the Masquerade, the latter band consisting of the exact same four members of Virgin In Veil.

Two parallel bands whose members count Jacques Saph (vocals, bass), Suzi Sabotage (synth, vocals), Anton Välimaa (guitar) and William Freyermuth (drums). They are somewhat different in expression and layout, but no more mismatched than that they usually act like double bill – book it said one gets easily with the other also. Masquerade is otherwise quite soon ready with debut album – and we shall soon return to at later date – but now first Virgin In Veil.

Last spring Virgin In Veil released a demo that could, and still can, be downloaded for free entertainment. “The Glory Hole” is however their first full release. Album art as well as song titles speak for themselves, Virgin In Veil is thematically immersed in forbidden fruits and sinful debauchery, with their index finger, or perhaps middle finger in the direction of all hypocrite persons and institutions.

There is no great variation in the four tracks, they are all equally powerful and solid. They are also short enough that there’s no time to get bored before they are over. Although I keep maybe a preference on “Sexual Sin” and “Decay” which highlights more details and more dynamic tha the two remaining tracks. That being said, “The Glory Hole” contains a total of four hits for its genre, a scant nine minutes with powerful riffs, rhythm section at full roll, cool synths and snarling vocals.

“The Glory Hole” was originally released on CD and digitally in November last year, and was just re-released this week as limited edition vinyl via Finnish label Fairy Dust Records. – May 2016

Hooray, here it is! After a promising demo, Virgin Veil presents its first EP with four new songs, including ‘Lovestains’ which has even been the subject of a music video. Philosophically, little change, the group totally assumes the punkest aspect of deathrock; no procrastination, no long intros that put the listener at ease, musicians prefer the direct attack. It’s in sound and orchestrations that one quickly notices an evolution, thanks to the discreet but relevant keyboards and choirs of Suzi Sabotage (Masquerade); nothing better to support the riffs and add a cold staining power of melodies. On the thematic level, Saph continues his crusade against hypocrisy and bigotry, castigates fools taboos around sex introduced by the very people who break the rules in the most despicable way. No weakness, this is good old school deathrock. If ‘Lovestains’ actually turns out to be a good choice for a music video, my preference will be towards ‘Decay’ and its pleasurable riffs, his warrior intro and winter keys. The nearly matching the very good ‘Seduction’ with its killer guitars, but the other two songs do not demerit. Of course, we almost regret they do not reach three minutes but Saph remains true to his ethics: no sterile filling, sincerity, straightforward but with a certain class. Needless to say we expected the following release with a great anticipation! – November 2015

Demo Reviews

The tower bells ringing, so let’ s begin the religious services… Not really off course. It’ s the intro of ‘In the Name Of God’ from the Finnish band ‘Virgin in Veil’. Thereafter starts the song with gothrock and punkish guitars, vocals… In terms of atmosphere and grabs the track reminds (not musically) a bit at ‘Romeo’ s Distress’ in the version of ‘Faith and the Muse’. ‘Drown in the Flesh’ sounds more balled and has more single aspirations. The third and last track ‘Heatrobs’ goes further on by the recepy of the two other songs but has a little a lack of personality.

Not a bad debut from this in January formed band. In terms of atmosphere and attitude everything matches. For example: on the cover you’ll see a nun who entends to give head to a priest… As a statement it can count. ‘Drown in Flesh’ is surely worth remembering. – July 2015

Finland is the home of Virgin in Veil, an incipient death rock outfit influenced by Christian Death (in Rozz times) but that takes so dramatic, compelling and sharp it gives me no one give a damn. This is death rock at its finest, randy, rebellious, irresistible, punky, provocative and intelligent.

The group, formed around Jacques Saph (Secular Plague, Masquerade, former Sleeping Children) has put this sophomore recording as a legal download that you can get free of charge via the band’s website and already listen through the player below. The three songs “Hearthrobs”, “In The Name Of God” and “Drown In Flesh” will be loved by the fans of the genre! – June 2015

It has always been this with Saph, he’s a workaholic, always in creative emergency… Already at the time of Sleeping Children, he felt the need to run in parallel a harder project, Gay Worms Invasion (sadly no records) to quench his thirst for punk. No wonder today as Secular Plague is now making a name in the extended anarcho-punk scene, that he felt the need to launch something more deathrock-oriented. The new baby is called Virgin in Veil and here’s already a first 3 tracks demo. I’m not always comfortable with the label “demo” as it often suggests an incomplete idea, which is not the case here. The quality of the recording is good and deathrock fans will find everything they love. The French man, now established in Finland, works fast and straight to the point; no need of convoluted arrangements or transitions, it’s all about finding the right chords that cause direct and indelible emotion and those, Saph knows how to find them. We find in these three compositions, a purely punk energy that characterized the beginnings of the style (in this, experience with Secular Plague has certainly helped, and the lyrics are socially and spiritually conscious) coupled with a dark and tortured touch, reinforced by well-placed and strong choirs by the gentleman’s wife, who is none other than Suzi Sabotage, the talented Masquerade vocalist. So now, all of this is very promising and we are looking forward to hear more. 4.5/6
Guts of Darkness – April 2015

Created in January 2015 by Jacques Saph (Secular Plague, Masquerade, ex-Sleeping Children), Virgin in Veil is a deathrock band from Helsinki, Finland. From the early indicatiosn in this demo could Saph’s best project so far. Reminds me very much of Rozz William’s Christian Death , a 45 record with the speed and energy of a 78. In The Name Of God smacks the temple like a fist, reminds me very much of Bloody Dead & Sexy. Drown In Flesh – a speeded up, furish tempoed Rozz Williams Christian Death. Great! Hearthrobs – shows the punk energy that is lacking in most deathrock. Great. An essential 7 minutes of your life!
Black Veil Gothic – April 2015