Hello, we were delighted with the new EP The Gloryhole. Virgin In Veil is a young band, but the musicians have gathered experience in previous bands. How did you meet each other?
Jacques Saph: When I decided to create Virgin in Veil, I first asked William, drummer of my other band Secular Plague, to join. We played the first VIV gig with the same line-up as Secular Plague, as the band was so young that I hadn’t had the time to assemble a full line-up yet. Then, I went with Suzi to a Kuudes Silmä concert in Helsinki, and we really loved the synth in the songs. So we decided that Suzi would join on synth, and backing vocals.
Suzi Sabotage: First I tried the bass, but we didn’t hit off well together. With synth it was another story, I learnt it quite fast, so synths it was.

Both EP’s contain a sexual inspired cover… not that it shocks me, but what is the meaning/reason behind it?
Jacques Saph: Most people tend to think that it’s just for the sake of being provocative, but they couldn’t be more far from the truth. With those covers, we wanted people to ask themselves why they are more shocked by seeing tits, cunts or cocks than images of war and messages of hate every evening on tv. The demo cover got censored a lot, so we decided to hit even harder with the EP. I just got a 24 hours ban on Facebook for posting the cover image. In the meantime, this fucking website is filled with animal cruelty, bullying, and far-right politicians spreading their hate. So we’re asking: what’s more disgusting? Sex or hate?
Suzi Sabotage: It’s for the sake of us being perverse deviants.

You played a lot in Finland, is there a chance you play in our region soon?
Jacques Saph: We don’t have any plans for Belgian gigs at the moment, but we’re open to any proposals. I’ve played a few gigs in Belgium with Sleeping Children and Secular Plague and had a great time at almost every gig, so we’d love to, especially since Virgin in Veil hasn’t played in Belgium yet.
Suzi Sabotage: Hopefully. I have been eyeing up Magasin4, it would be such a thrilling venue to play at.
Jacques Saph: Yeah, that’s a super cool place, would be cool to play there.

Is there a big scene for dark or goth music in Finland? I always think that mostly metal music is popular in Finland.
Jacques Saph: No, it’s rather small, but there are some good goth or post-punk bands, a few interesting parties and a big yearly festival (Lumous gothic festival) where we’re playing in July. So it could be better, but it could be worse. Let’s hope that Virgin in Veil contributes to make that scene a little better and more active. And yeah, metal is big here. Did you know that they play metal on national tv in the middle of the afternoon? Fucking insane, haha.
Suzi Sabotage: The scenes are alright, but I’m not part of them.

What are the band’s influences? And which bands do you like?
Jacques Saph: To cite the obvious, Christian Death, Rudimentary Peni, Radio Scarlet… But each of us is super eclectic. Myself, I mostly listen to deathrock, 80’s stuff and anarcho punk, but I find stuff I like in almost every style from classical to hip-hop.
Suzi Sabotage: I only listen to my own stuff, because I’m so disgustingly self-centered.

How do you create songs?
Jacques Saph: It starts with either me or Suzi writing the lyrics, then I make the music and record a demo. Everybody learns the song and we rehearse it with everyone contributing to arrangements if needed.
Suzi Sabotage: I’m a lyric machine, there’s about 100 complete lyrics in my storage that have never been used, but I still keep writing them like a maniac. When it comes to composing to music, I haven’t yet for Virgin in Veil, but for Masquerade I’ve done a bit of that as well.

What do you want to reach with your music/band and what do you want to tell with it?
Jacques Saph: Virgin in Veil is a spit on the face of everything that goes wrong nowadays; racism, religious bullying, conservatism, animal abuse, misogyny… all of us are very opinionated and we never hesitate to open our mouths to criticize things. We would probably be more popular if we just kept our mouths shut, but then we wouldn’t be authentic. But not all our songs are political actually. Listen to The Glory Hole of Sexual Sin.
Suzi Sabotage: Me, I want to reach everyone everywhere, except republicans and nazis.
Jacques Saph: Haha, that’s a sure thing.

Is it hard to get an EP or an album released?
Jacques Saph: Yeah, kind of. Since it’s almost impossible to make money by releasing music nowadays, nobody wants to create record labels. The existing record labels are flooded with proposals by an army of bands… but on the other hand, with computers and internet, recording and distributing your own music has never been easier. Virgin in Veil got signed on Finnish label Fairy Dust Records after they saw us on stage last December. We had proposals from another label before, but they told us that we swould have to change the artwork, so we laughed and walked away.
Suzi Sabotage: I’ll say kind of as well, but just because there are too many labels concentrating on mediocre stuff that’ll be forgotten in a year or two.

Is there something the band wants to say to the readers?
Jacques Saph: Life is great, be a methrocker.
Suzi Sabotage: Remember to always sleep with one eye open.

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