Tell us a little about yourself. At what age have you started listening to punk and goth music? What inspired you to create your first band?
Jacques: I started to listen to punk and goth at the age of 15. I got in the genre with classics, Sex Pistols and Cure. When I discovered that music, I was so thriled that I wanted to play it as well. I got my first guitar and created my first band with a few friends the week after. Basically, I wanted to escape from my daily misery playing music and express myself.
My first bands were complete crap. In 2000 I co-founded a cold wave band called Regard with other Parisian musicians. We released a demo, played only 3 gigs then I left and created Sleeping Children back in 2003.

First of all I’d like to know your way from Sleeping Children to Secular Plague and from Secular Plague to Virgin in Veil , but then I decided not to stir up such a distant past and concentrate on the period from Secular Plague to Virgin in Veil.
Why did you decide to play deathrock again?

Jacques: Most people don’t get it, but I’ve always been into both deathrock and punkier stuff. For me, there’s not such difference between let’s say, Christian Death and Amebix. Of course, the way of playing is different, but the core of the music is the same: a dark, pessimistic and angry music. So “switching” back to deathrock has been something extremely natural for me. I just play the music I enjoy listening to, that’s it.

As I told you before the spirit of Secular Plague can be clearly heard in Virgin in Veil, because you know , both of you and the drummer are from that band , but Suzi Sabotage also took part in the recordings. For obvious reasons, you are involved in each other projects (I mean your marriage , but we won’t directly get to it in the interview)
Is it a constant cooperation or just a temporary part? Can you call “ViV” your joint project?

Jacques: Suzi is indeed an influence to me, as I’m to her. I think we have both really benefit from the experience of the other in the different projects we are involved in. She hasn’t only sang backing vocals on the recording, she also wrote “Heartthrobs” lyrics and helped me mixing the demo. It is not sure as of now is Suzi is going to be a permanent member of Virgin in Veil, but it’s a definite that she is going to cooperate on future recordings.

In April you and Masquerade are going for a tour to Finland , and later will visit Russia , what do you expect from these two tours?
Jacques: Fuck man, I’m excited! I’m really looking forward those two tours, in whom I’ll play with my three bands. Russia is in my opinion the best place to play punk I ever played in, so I’m really looking forward playing there again!

Russia has always had a relatively small audience of old school fans, who loved the sound of early 80’s & 90’s, as well as the yearly changing generation of Herkos (that’s how we called fans of gothic metal and alternative rock with dark image) (A.K.A Baby Bats).
In the past few years Shoegaze, Post-punk and Witchhouse has gained popularity in Russia (in fact a bunch of obscure tags showed up such as Crime wave, Black wave, etc.) aimed groups that soon became associated with the goth movement.
How do you feel about such phenomena and what do you think of the Goth and post-punk scene in the world in general?

Jacques: Honestly, I think the scene was better 10 years ago. Well, not only better, but also a lot easier for bands to find gigs, record labels, etc. Nowadays when you play somewhere, most of the time the venue doesn’t even offer musicians a free beer. But there’s lots of great bands in the current scene, such a shame they doesn’t get the recognition they deserve.

Can you name a few young little known attention worthy bands?
Jacques: My latest crush is Sierpien from Moscow, we’re going to play with them in their hometown. I also love Valse Triste a lot, which is a punk band from Finland.

And finally , when can we expect a full Virgin in Veil album?
Jacques: We are currently looking for a label which feels suicidal enough to release it. If you’re a label reading this, and if you are not afraid to deal with difficult people with oversized rockstar egos, you’re warmly welcome to contact me. I’m writing new songs, so a full length could be ready in, let’s say, a few months.

Final words to our readers and listeners?
Jacques: Well Russia, we’re coming and we’re going to corrupt your youth… Thanks for your interest and see you very soon!

By Andrey Bondarchuk
Original interview (In Russian)