For starters there’s deathrock band Virgin in Veil from Helsinki on stage, for the first time in world history. The introduction promises that there will be deviation encrusted with blasphemy, lead by originally Parisian frontman. The members are by the way all the same as in Secular Plague that will play later, so we can talk about a kind of side project here.

The sounds are good, but there’s only a scatter of audience. Fortunately the situation is getting better as more people are flowing in continually.

The set is knife-sharp even in its notable shortness, we will even hear a Rudimentary Peni cover, but the singer could in my opinion stretch into more styles of singing. What pours now from his mouth is screams limited to a few precisely chosen notes. This kind of music could benefit well with versatility and also more stage moves.

To seal the deal we hear the group’s most contagious song In the Name of God, accompanied by forewords ’eat pussy, not lamb!’

By Susanna Nyberg
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