December 11. 2018: Our first gig of 2019 will take part in our hometown of Helsinki on January 2, 2019. More info on the event page.

November 05. 2018: We are very happy to be a part of the 2019 edition of the “Goths for Sophie” calendar. You can order your copy below, all the profits are for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. You can order yours here.

October 20. 2018: Due to our tour van being badly damaged and undrivable for at least a few months, we had to cancel all Germany gigs scheduled for December. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best to visit Germany as soon as possible.

September 29. 2018: Pictures and the setlist from our latest Helsinki gig are available on the gigs page.

August 28. 2018: Limited edition 50mm badges are available in the shop.

August 23. 2018: We will be playing in Helsinki on September 19. The show will take place at Lepakkomies and we’ll share the stage with our post-punk alter-ego Masquerade and Black Tile. Show time and location info are available here.

August 16. 2018: New band pictures, taken by talented Finnish photographer Utu-Tuuli Jussila, are available on the pictures page.

July 30. 2018: We have updated our shop with a few new items, including some with only a few pieces remaining.

July 20. 2018: The gigs page have been updated with setlists and pictures from our Japanese tour. A live video of “Decay” from the second gig can be seen on YouTube.

July 10. 2018: Japan was wonderful!!! Thanks so much to everyone who showed up at our gigs, thanks for all your gifts, and thanks for your kindness. You guys made it the best tour ever for Virgin in Veil, and we will cherish the memories from this time until the end of days. Pictures and videos are coming soon!

June 13. 2018: Last week vocalist/bassist Jacques Saph did an interview on French radio Attitude FM, you can listen to it on the press page.

June 07. 2018: On “Night Time”, our new music video, we’re inviting you to a night journey through the dark, eerie streets of Helsinki. Watch it on YouTube.

May 30. 2018: On June 5 (Between 10pm and midnight, French time), Virgin in Veil vocalist Jacques Saph will be interviewed live on French radio Attitude FM. You’ll be able to hear the interview on this link.

May 06. 2018: We’ll be visiting Germany and Poland this winter. Check out our tour dates in the gigs section of the site for more info.

April 30. 2018: New reviews of Twisted Thrills, our latest album, have been added to our press section.

April 09. 2018: Two new gigs in Tokyo (Japan) are announced on July 5 and July 7. Check out the gigs page for more info.

February 17. 2018: Virgin in Veil will play two concerts in Tokyo (Japan) with deathrock legends Phaidia! Click here for more info.

January 08. 2018: Better late than never, we finally uploaded pictures and setlist from our latest gig in Tampere, Finland.

December 17. 2017: Virgin in Veil is featured in the december issue of Sonic Seducer, check it out!