May 9. 2016: Few pics from the latest Helsinki gig are available here.

May 5. 2016: Virgin in Veil is confirmed to play at this year Lumous Festival, the biggest goth festival in Finland. More info here.

April 27. 2016: New buttons are available and you know your jacket is craving one! Head over to the shop to get yours! Also, pictures from our latest gig in Stockholm are available there.

April 1. 2016: We are currently out of patches and buttons, and have only a few (less than 5) CDs left. We are re-ordering stuff and will have the 7″ of “The Glory Hole” later this month.

March 28. 2016: Back from the tour, big thanks to everybody who showed up at gigs! It was truly awesome. Check out pics, videos and more on the gigs section of the webshite.

March 24. 2016: Jacques’ interview for Czech webzine Sanctuary is now online. Read it here.

March 06. 2016: An interview we did back in august 2015 for UK’s “Spider’s Web Zine” is now available in the press section of the webshite. Click here to read the insanity.

March 05. 2016: A bunch of new gigs in Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Sweden and Finland have been announced. Head over the gigs page for more info.

February 10. 2016: We now have a Twitter account, follow us on there!

January 14. 2016: “Seduction”, our new mu-sick video, is finally available! Watch it now on YouTube.

January 3. 2016: Happy new year, bitches! To celebrate we added a whole bunch of gigs for 2016. Check out the gigs page for more info. Many more to be announced soon!

December 16. 2015: We’re very horny to announce that we’re signing on Fairy Dust Records for releasing our ep “The Glory Hole” in 7″ vinyl in 2016. More news very soon, in the meanwhile, feel free to visit our band page on the label’s webshite:

December 8. 2015: A new t-shirt design is available. Suitable for all the family. Order your shirt here.

November 24. 2015: Pictures and videos from Helsinki’s gig are available here! Big thanks to everyone who attended and enjoyed our performance.

November 17. 2015: Thank you St Petersburg for this amazing gig! A few pictures and a live video can be found here. Our next gig is in our hometown Helsinki, this saturday. Click here for more information.

November 11. 2015: We have secured distribution deals with Manic Depression (France), Occult Whispers (USA) and Bat-Cave Prod (Poland). Our ep is gonna be available from them very soon. Also, we wanna thank our fans from Finland, USA, France, Germany, UK, Switzerland and Japan who already ordered a copy of “The Glory Hole”!

November 02. 2015: “The Glory Hole”, our new e.p. is finally available as a digital download and CD! Head over bandcamp to enjoy our new debauched tunes!

October 25. 2015: We are currently mixing/mastering our forthcomming release, a 4 track e.p. entitled “The Glory Hole”. It will be available in november on CD and digital download. A video for the new song “Seduction” is also on the tracks. Stay tuned and look forward to receive your dose of debauchery very soon.

October 20. 2015: We’ll be back in St Petersburg (Russia) for a gig on friday the 13 of November. More info are available on VK and Facebook..

October 12. 2015: Thank you Stockholm for this amazing gig! You can view a few pictures from our live performance on this page.

September 22. 2015: New gig annouced, for the first time in Sweden. Stockholm’s going to burn! More info on the facebook event page.

September 10. 2015: Thanks a lot America and Mexico for this totally insane tour! We slept for three days straight after returning to Finland. Tons of pics have been added, as well as info about all the gigs from the tour!