Virgin in Veil Deathrock

Created early 2015 by Jacques Saph, Virgin in Veil is a deathrock band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Early releases and multiple gigs in Europe, Russia, USA and Mexico, as well at its members well known taste for decadence, has granted Virgin in Veil to be looked at as one of the most interesting contemporary band of its genre.

Uncompromising and uninhibited, Virgin in Veil takes punk attitude and wraps it up with luscious deathrock music. The lyrics are a stance in what the band believes in, but also depiction of debauched desires.

Latest News

July 17, 2017: "Of Tears and Poisons", our new music video, is available!.
July 10, 2017: Two of our songs are featured in ItsBlackFriday newest video.
May 29, 2017: New song released on Italy's "Sparkle in the Dark" compilation.
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Next Gigs

Oct 14, 2017 • Tallinn, Estonia (Tapper)

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